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Advanced Lens Technology

As technology continues to evolve, lens implants have evolved as well. The standard lens implant corrects for distance or near vision but not both.

For our cataract patients with astigmatism (when the eye is more football-shaped rather than basketball-shaped), the new toric lens implant corrects the effects of astigmatism as well as near-sightedness or far-sightedness to provide the sharpest distance vision.

The multi-focal lens is another advanced lens design that allows the patient to see distance, intermediate, and near. This allows you more freedom from glasses for most activities.

Not everyone is a candidate, and not everyone needs a toric or multifocal lens implant. A discussion regarding the best implant choice for your eye and your lifestyle will be held between you and your surgeon.

There is an additional cost to these advanced lens implants. Medicare beneficiaries are now able to choose these lenses but are responsible for the extra cost.