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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye which affects the health of the optic nerve. In glaucoma, gradual loss of nerve tissue may eventually lead to loss of peripheral or side vision. Treatment of glaucoma primarily focuses on decreasing the pressure within the eye, which in turn slows down the process of nerve tissue loss. Typical treatment of glaucoma consists of eyedrops to help lower the pressure. If your disease is progressing despite the use of eyedrops, or if you have an intolerance to the eyedrops, there are other options available including laser or incisional surgery.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT Laser)

In addition to pressure-lowering drops, we also offer the SLT laser (selective laser trabculoplasty). The SLT laser is an advanced laser treatment that helps decrease the eye pressure without the use of eye drops. The SLT laser stimulates drainage of fluid from the eye and subsequently decreases the pressure within the eye.

A discussion with your eye surgeon will determine if you are a candidate or interested in having the procedure. Often a trial of medications will be used first to try to determine if you would have a good response (adequate amount of eye pressure lowering) to the treatment. Sometimes, the laser procedure will not reduce the eye pressure level to the desired level established by your surgeon and additional medications may still be necessary.