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Premium Lens Implants

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Undergoing cataract surgery often means two things: Cataract removal for clear vision, and a lens implant to help you see your best. The board-certified ophthalmologists at Des Peres Eye Center in St. Louis and Arnold, Missouri, are pleased to offer a variety of premium lens implants as part of your cataract surgery. Premium lens implants can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses even if you have astigmatism. Are you a good candidate? Call to schedule an appointment today.

Premium Lens Implants Q & A

What are premium lens implants?

During cataract surgery, after your ophthalmologist removes the cataract, they replace your natural lens with a new, clear, permanent lens implant so you can see the world without cloudiness once again. A standard intraocular lens (IOL) implant corrects your vision for either far away or up close, but not both. However, a multifocal or toric lens can improve your vision even further.

Multifocal lens implant

A premium multifocal lens implant offers the advantage of allowing you to see clearly at far, close, and intermediate distances. Extended depth of focus implants provide a full range of clear vision for men and women with presbyopia or age-related nearsightedness. Extended depth of focus IOLs are available for adults with and without astigmatism, too.

Toric lens implant

Toric premium lens implants better accommodate men and women with astigmatism. Astigmatism is when your eye is more football-shaped than basketball-shaped, causing distorted vision. A premium toric lens implant corrects the effects of astigmatism, plus nearsightedness or farsightedness, for the sharpest distance vision possible.

Am I a good candidate for premium lens implants?

Not everyone needs a toric or multifocal lens implant, but if you wear bifocals or progressive lenses, or you have astigmatism, you may be an ideal candidate for premium IOLs. The Des Peres Eye Center ophthalmology team takes your vision prescription, lifestyle, and other factors into consideration to help you decide which type of implant is right for your individual needs.

Premium IOLs are not typically covered by insurance, either, so there is an additional cost associated with premium lenses.

How soon will I be able to see after my surgery and new lens implants?

Your vision may be a bit blurry in the first few days after surgery, but don’t be alarmed. It takes a few days for your eyes to adjust to your new, improved lenses. Once your eyes adjust, though, colors may appear much more vibrant than they were before your surgery and, depending on the IOLs you selected, your vision should improve significantly.

Statistically, men and women who undergo cataract surgery enjoy sharper vision after the procedure. When you choose premium lens implants, you reduce your need for glasses.

To learn more about premium lens implants, or to schedule a consultation for laser cataract surgery, click the button to request an appointment or call the friendly team at Des Peres Eye Center today.