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Des Peres Eye Center

Ophthalmologists located in St. Louis, MO & Arnold, MO

You’ll find the latest styles in designer eyewear at the optical shop at Des Peres Eye Center in St. Louis and Arnold, Missouri. Along with the skilled team of ophthalmologists, dedicated opticians with more than 20 years of combined experience are on staff to fit you with glasses and provide the latest in lens technologies. It’s the mission of the entire Des Peres Eye Center team to help you see clearly and look your best with custom glasses that fit your lifestyle and vision needs. Schedule your appointment by phone today for outstanding service in a friendly environment.

Optical Shop Q & A

What types of designer eyeglass frames does the optical shop carry?

The optical team understands that your vision is important to you, and so is the look and comfort of your new frames. They offer a variety of trendy and classic styles in designer brands including:

  • Coach
  • Fendi
  • Gucci
  • Kate Spade
  • Ray-Ban
  • Nautica
  • Nike
  • Vera Wang
  • Maui Jim
  • Tura

You can get prescription glasses and sunglasses with many of the frames available in the optical shop. The opticians guide you through the process of finding the right frame fit for your face in a style that fits your personality.

What types of prescription lenses are available?

The Des Peres Eye Center team also carries the most up-to-date lens technologies to correct a wide variety of vision needs. They personalize your lenses based on your prescription and lifestyle. Depending on your vision needs, you can select from the following options.

  • Multifocal lenses, including Varilux® progressives for no-line bifocals
  • Traditional bifocals and trifocals
  • Single vision lenses to correct farsightedness or nearsightedness
  • Lens enhancements, including Crizal® anti-glare coating to protect against glare, smudges, and scratches
  • Transitions® adaptive lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark in bright sunlight
  • Polarized lenses for superior glare protection from sunlight, especially for outdoor activities on the water
  • Tinted lenses

These high-end lenses and lens enhancements are made with patented technologies and materials that provide exceptional vision clarity and durability for all different environments and lifestyles.

What if I need contacts?

In addition to helping see well and look great in your new glasses, the experienced team of ophthalmologists and opticians also can help you find contacts that work best for your vision needs. Many people like to have glasses and contacts, so they have a choice of which to wear. For example, you may prefer to wear your glasses at work, but like contacts for special occasions and weekends when you’re not staring at a computer screen.

If you would like contacts, the team fits you for prescription lenses and offers a wide variety of contacts, such as daily, disposable, gas permeable, and other popular lens types. You may even be able to get a trial pair of lenses so you can test them out before ordering to see which ones work best for you in terms of vision and comfort.

For all your glasses and contact lens needs, visit the optical shop at Des Peres Eye Center. For an appointment call the office location closest to you to schedule.