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Your eye health is an important component of your overall health, so investing in eye care is essential in preventing disease, helping you see clearly, and looking your best. At Des Peres Eye Center in St. Louis and Arnold, Missouri, the team of expert ophthalmologists offer a range of products to enhance your eye care. From eye supplements for macular degeneration to prescription treatments like Latisse® to help your eyelashes grow to their fullest potential, patients of all ages rely on Des Peres Eye Center. Call to schedule an eye exam today.

Eye Care Products Q & A

What eye care products are available?

Health supplements and eye drops can help you keep your eyes healthy. The team at Des Peres Eye Center has selected an array of premium eye care products for optimum eye health and at-home eye care. These products include:

  • EyePromise® Restore vitamin supplements
  • EyePromise EZ Tears vitamin supplements for dry eyes
  • Latisse® for longer eyelashes
  • FreshKote® eye drops for dry eyes
  • Juice Plus® nutritional supplement

Each of these products is designed to enhance your eye care and eye health.

What does EyePromise Restore do?

EyePromise Restore is for men and women concerned with age-related eye conditions. It’s specially formulated to protect against macular degeneration — the leading age-related cause of vision loss in America. EyePromise Restore contains a high concentration of zeaxanthin and lutein, which is clinically shown to slow the progression of macular degeneration and protect your vision as you get older.

How do EZ Tears and FreshKote help with dry eyes?

EZ Tears is a dietary supplement designed to alleviate the symptoms of chronic dry eye disease. It contains eight natural anti-inflammatory agents, including omega 3, vitamin E, and green tea extract. If you suffer from dry, itchy, irritated eyes, EZ Tears may help reduce symptoms and keep your eyes more comfortable during daily activities.

Additionally, the team at Des Peres Eye Center offers FreshKote eye drops. This superior eye lubricant is unlike any other dry eye product on the market. It contains a patented synergistic blend of polymers designed to lubricate the surface of your eye and is preservative-free. These drops combat tear evaporation and are gentle enough to use with contact lenses.

How does Latisse work?

Latisse is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis, which is inadequate or not enough eyelashes. You apply this FDA-approved topical solution to grow your eyelashes longer and thicker over time. As the team at Des Peres Eye Center instructs, you apply the topical solution to your eyes each night.

Gradually, you’ll notice longer eyelashes, and then about eight weeks after you begin treatment, your eyelashes should appear darker and fuller than they were prior. By week 16, you’ll have the most dramatic results — longer, fuller, darker lashes.

If you’d like to improve your eye health, enhance your at-home eye care, or rejuvenate thinning eyelashes, the team at Des Peres Eye Center offers the highest quality supplements for optimal eye health and wellness. Call to schedule an exam today.